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Golf destinations in Poland

The most popular destinations for golfers. Golf courses, cities, packages, flights.
Airport - 14 km

A great golfing experience

A thousand-year history, a location at the crossroads of important commercial and communication routes, an extensive port and mercantile traditions - all this makes Gdańsk a meeting place of many cultures, nationalities and denominations. Contemporary Gdańsk - a half-a-million, dynamically developing agglomeration - is vibrant with life as before and again deserves to be called "the Pearl of the North." It is a large centre of economic life, science, culture, and a popular tourist destination.

Airport - 14 km

A magic city with a magic golf course

Kraków is a city located in southern Poland on the Vistula river, as the second largest city in Poland. It is a former capital of Poland, Royal Capital City and necropolis of Polish kings. Today, Kraków is a modern and developing city and a melting pot where tradition of indigenous residents is mixed with student’s avant-garde. However, thanks to a great number of monuments, excellently preserved in the city’s layout, it has never lost its majestic character. Krakow is simply magical.

Airport - 14 km

A golf capital of Poland

Warsaw, nurturing over 400 years of pride as a capital, is Poland’s largest city and an economic, political, and cultural centre. The symbol of the city is the Mermaid, featured on the city seal. Warsaw is a bustling metropolis and features an unforgettable history. A city where a fourth of the terrain is covered by parkland and a city of culture for all tastes and budgets... Spending a few days is worth it in order to experience the unforgettable atmosphere.

Airport - 14 km

Golf near two borders

Wroclaw is the economic hub of south western Poland and it’s the capital of Lower Silesia. Wroclaw is known as the city of islands and bridges. There are around 21 main islands and roughly 100 bridges. Multicultural, open to new ideas and challenges, the city is famous for its hospitality, and its cultural and scientific life fascinates and attracts. Constantly growing amount of hotels and places for official meetings and recreation Wroclaw is described as a meeting place.

Airport - 14 km

Golf that you will love

Szczecin is the capital and largest city of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland. Located along the Odra River at only 10 km from the the German border, it is both the political, cultural as industrial capital of the West Pomeranian region. The Old Town (Stary Miasto), the historic buildings along the Odra promenade (Wały Chrobego), as well as the Pomeranian Dukes Castle, are all worth a visit. Furthermore, there are a number of large shopping malls, and Szczecin has a vibrant and varied nightlife.