About Us

Golf-Booking.com was created by Golf24, company founded in 2004. Today we are one of the top CEE golf companies. Every year we organize more than 60 golf tournaments and sell over 100.000 green fees. We are also the publisher of the Golf&Roll magazine and owner of Play Golf Club. Our headquarter is in Wrocław, Poland.

As golf enthusiasts we started developing Golf Booking to improve customer service on golf courses in Poland. For 5 years now with ASP Capital Fund we invest in golf-booking.com project.

Like many polish SaaS companies we are able to offer great products and software in affordable price, providing the best online solutions – from CEE to countries all over the world.

  1. Golf24 – mother company is founded.
  2. Golf&Roll – we start to issue our own golf magazine .
  3. European Challenge Tour – we organize ECT tournament for the first time.
  4. Play Golf Club – launch of one of the biggest golf clubs in Poland.
  5. Golf Booking – we develop first polish tee time management system for golf courses.
  6. Golf24 Travel – we join IAGTO and start to offer international golf trips for players.
  7. First live coverage of our tournament in national television.
  8. Golf Booking became nationwide booking system in Poland.
  9. Golf-Booking.com starts to be worldwide system.